Key Characteristics Of A Leader Essay

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Before taking the position of a leader everyone must first learn to follow. Learning to follow is a great step in climbing the ladder to become a successful leader. Being an effective follower and being a successful leader have multiple characteristics in common. There are five characteristics that I am going to recognize that are essential in being a follower, this being motivated, accountable, the ability to recognize and seize an opportunity, coachable, and ambitious. These characteristics will eventually transition a follower into a leader.

Motivation is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. If a person is self-motivated they will be more likely to complete the task at hand quickly and more efficiently than if they had no motivation at all. Leaders will look for the person, who goes out of their way to get a job done. It is a hassle for a manager to constantly be pushing their employee to complete a task rather than the employee motivating themselves. This will free up the leader to be doing something else, rather than worrying about motivating someone to do his or her job. Not only does this give the managers ' freedom, but also self-motivation can be extremely contagious. When others see a person, who is self-motivated they tend to follow suit. This will in turn increase productivity.

Accountability is the act of holding someone responsible for a task. When an employer asks for something to be done they are trusting it to be…

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