Kazakhstan Is A Bilingual And Multi Ethnic Country Essay example

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Kazakhstan is a bilingual and multi-ethnic country. There are more than 100 representatives of ethnicities with different historical and cultural background. I have constantly interacted with immigrants or people from small diasporas such as Russian, Polish, Kurdish, Turkish etc. These people were experienced with bureaucratic problems due to their nonresident status. Once my elderly neighbor from the Kurdish diaspora has appealed to me for help, because of her lack of education. Despite the prolonged process of obtaining a residence permit, where as her confidant I negotiated with local governance and prepared her for the interview with the migration office, my neighbor received a residence permit. Successful completion of the case not only inspired me to learn more about communications, but also I wanted to create my own company, which will handling different tasks with special emphasis on self-brand or corporate image building. It was a time when I was finishing my Bachelor degree in Russian philology and started my journalism career. Realizing the importance of building diverse channels of communications, I began to wonder how I could use my academic and professional background in communications studies. I found that my linguistic knowledge could help me to be a competitive author and speaker, because philology major has strongly slant to the persuasive writing and oratory. Moreover, my journalistic experience helped me to understand the different needs of the audience.…

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