Kauffman Test Of Educational Achievement Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… In the area of Reading, Sam obtained a standard score of 50, which fell below the 0.1 percentile, and in the lower extreme range. In the area of reading decoding, Sam was able to identify various upper and lowercase letters, but not their corresponding sounds. He did not identify or point to any sight words during the assessment. On the Reading Comprehension subtest, he was unable to match printed words to their corresponding pictures. Testing was discontinued prior to administration of selections requiring Sam to read sentences or passages. In the area of Math, Sam obtained a standard score of 44, which …show more content…
He can independently work on the computer program Starfall, after someone has logged him onto the website. Sam is able to copy to lined paper, but needs assistance with staying on the correct lines. In Mathematics, Sam is able to count and write his numbers from 1-20. He can immediately write his numbers in sequence through 10, but can get through 20 with teacher assistance. Sam is able to use manipulatives as well as a number line to do math addition with sums up to ten. In Science, Sam is able to point to his body parts if you name them. However, he cannot say them verbally. Sam can also identify that a dog barks, a cow moos, a chicken clucks, and that a cat meows. He can match the animal to the sound if asked by the teacher. In Social Studies, Sam tries to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning. Sam will usually follow along in social studies by matching the key points in the story using pictures and verbal cues, with teacher assistance. Sam can also point to pictures of a school, house, and a park, using a map of his neighborhood.


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