Katherine Mansfield 's The Garden Party Essay

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Modernist, Katherine Mansfield, was well known for writings in her short stories. Mansfield had transformed the world by changing the structure of short stories which were based on an old fashioned structure and changed it to one which conveys what is being said in a more formal yet understanding tone allowing it to be classified as a literary form. She has done this through her most popular short story “The Garden Party”. She explores this through the class consciousness and life and death.
Katherine Mansfield is well known for her outstanding short story writing. She had used her life experiences as the core for and writing and sculpted all the ideas together creating exceptional pieces of literary work. “The Garden Party” is composed without a set structure in a modernist mode. Mansfield used modernism to not write about realism but she used it to “rewrite” work from the past and “incorporate” it in modern times (Steiner – 1998 pp. 489-99). “The Garden Party” was written in the last the years before Mansfield’s death and was based on a true event that occurred in her life (Gale, Cengage Learning).
Mansfield is critical between the difference of upper and lower classes. The opening of the short story – “After all the weather was ideal” (Mansfield, 1), portrays the manipulation that Mansfield used at the time. Through the indirect speech, the protagonist voice also appears within the narrator’s voice allowing the read to understand the text easily and pleasantly. The…

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