Kate O ' Flaherty And His Influence On Society Essay

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American author born as Katherine O’Flaherty and known as Kate Chopin, was born in 1850 in St. Louis. Chopin’s father died in 1854 in a train accident leaving Chopin to be raised by the women in her family, specifically her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Her great-grandmother’s story-telling influenced her most to become a writer. Baym, chief editor of The Norton Anthology of American Literature states: “without a doubt Kate O’Flaherty grew up in the company of loving, intelligent, independent women” (550). The women who were around Chopin tremendously influenced her views on life. When Chopin was nine, she started attending school at St. Louis Academy of the Sacred Heart, and she excelled in both French and English literacy. However, compared to English literature, French literature had more of an impact on her literary pieces. These writings influenced her feminist views, and Chopin realized what, “she described [as] the tension between individual erotic inclination and the constraints placed on desire- especially on women’s…by traditional social mores” (Baym 550). She believed that women were limited in society. At age nineteen, Kate married Oscar Chopin, later providing him with six children. He died in 1884 from swamp fever, possibly malaria, and a year after his death Chopin’s mother died as well. These two deaths caused Chopin to write on impulse; within a decade she had already written three novels and more than a hundred and fifty other pieces. As her…

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