Essay Kate Chopin 's The Story Of An Hour

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Throughout the centuries, the duties of females and their human rights have altered. They were more known as being enslaved then an individual; they were more trapped in their marriage and controlled. However, women were starting to, little by little, develop to have interest in having their own rights and stand on their own without relying on their spouse for every little step of decisions they make. Despite the fact that a number of women are still imprisoned, the percentage is less significant than in the old days. The idea that women are considered to be housewives has been switched. At this time, women who are individuals and don 't depend on their husbands, are highly educated working women. However, this alteration didn 't take place at once; it took years to take place. "The Story of An Hour", by Kate Chopin, is a short story, but shows how married women felt forced to live with their husbands regardless of the reality of not being happy with them. It shows the optimistic transformation that took in excess of the female humanity starting from the eighteenth century until this time . According to Toth and Seyersted, 'every detail contributes to the emotional impacts ' (Berkove 152). This indicates that a person is aiming to agree to the truth of a ordinary position on behalf of women, to be miserable in their marriage, and have no way out. In any way, they could not even think of the word divorce because, in those days it was not acceptable.…

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