Kate Chopin 's Life Of Women Essay

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The life of Kate Chopin started in a world of women. Following the tragic death of her father, the author lived with her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. The late 1800s was a tumultuous time in the United States. The cultural scene of the country was changing quickly, and for the first time, women brought private and personal issues into the public domain. This author portrays the lives of women in a world controlled by male dominance while developing their individual personalities. Chopin’s characters were usually socially accepted but rebelled against the social codes of the day. The Victorian period that shaped Chopin’s life was the subject used in many of her writings and the settings of her short stories and novels exist in the Louisiana plantation south. Simon Morgan clearly points out: “Women’s activities brought them up against the limitations on their sex, and the realities of a society where male achievement was always valued more highly than their own” (196). The position played by women in the Victorian era was always one of subservience to their male counterparts until late in the century. In the short stories studied, Chopin highlights the oppressive nature of marriage, tales of heartache and regret while the female characters defy the conventional role of women within the social settings of the 19th-century. Kate Chopin uses irony to emphasize her theme of the unhappiness of women during this time period. The author, Kate Chopin, searched…

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