Karl Marx's Contribution Of Conflict Theory

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Karl Marx’s most significant contribution was the Conflict Theory, much of which is influenced by his published works. Marx’s theories on the clash of two economic ideologies, upended the door for the examination of different facets within a society, many of which that can cause change within the social system at both large and small scales.

Conflict theory is concerned with the more negative functions within a society. Unlike the functionalist theory, which tries to keep certain societal designs and processes from changing, the conflict theory looks to promote social restructure and change in order to solve certain conflicts. Marx particular attributed it to class conflict, or the Proletariat and Bourgeoisie (Steckley & Letts, 2013, p.
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Marx only saw the economic class conflict as the major attribute of social change. Although this is an accurate assumption, it is to simplistic in theory and fails to recognize other aspects attributing to change in society. The broadness of conflict within society is not limited only to the wealth of certain groups. Race, ethnicity, religion, age and sex all are able to provoke conflict in a hope to commit change. For example, the Civil Rights Movement of the United States is an example of societal conflict involving a massive social reconstruction. This movement was rooted in some regards to class of an economically oppressed minority, but the cause of the oppression was more linked to racial conflicts. The dominant ideology the times became tolerant of the prejudice, discrimination and segregation experienced by African Americans. Marx did not assume that biological determinates, such as race, could be a catalyst to conflict. The notion, that people who have a certain color skin are inferior, is an example of how cultural norms have the ability to shift once met with resistance. Now the United States has an African American President. This is an example of something that was accomplished because of the counter ideology promoted in the civil rights movement(Steckly, 179). Aspects of Marx’s ideas bear qualities that are worth noting such as the importance of fair …show more content…
Consider for example a brain surgeon making only a little bit more than a janitor. The brain surgeon, who skills are arguably a higher benefit society than that of the janitors, should be paid according to his acquired role. Considering the credentials of that role, which take a much longer time and a more amount of effort to achieve. One might suggest that the reason people try to achieve the statuses of Doctor, Lawyer, and Engineer have more of an incentive to reach their goal and do their job well because of what the job

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