Karl Marx 's Influence On His Political And Economic Ideas Essay

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This book was split into two sections. The first section was mainly about the experiences and life of Karl Marx showing insight into how he came up with his political and economic ideas. It starts in Karl 's childhood telling how he had a Jewish background but was baptized as Christian at a young age so that he could attend school. This also had to be done to his family so that his father could work to support the family. Then, it goes on to tell how his studies went and which universities he went to tied with all the clubs he participated in throughout his educational years. That was just the first chapter though. After that, the book goes through some of the friends that Marx made and the people he worked with on his papers to get his ideas across to the audience Marx was targeting with his ideas (hard working middle class with nothing to show for it.) Finally, it goes on to show how Marx had started a revolt and gave hope to many people towards bettering the governing system for countries that were weak. The second section of the book shows the basis of Marx 's ideas also known as Marxism. Showing all of his actual ideas and not what was leading up to them, it gives insight into how Marx started a revolution and how it created a vision for a better future.

My opinion is that it is astonishing to see the ideas of how communism came to be and the life of Karl Marx. This is a great look if you are wanting to see how other countries run throughout the world. People could say…

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