Essay on Karl Marx 's Communist Manifesto

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Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto expresses a clear message; that capitalism is set-up to fail and that communism is the perfect way to set up a functioning and equal society.

A functioning society must have equality for all persons, as well as maintaining a productive economy. In Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations, the worker is exploited constantly to increase revenue. Smith states “His(workers) wages are soon reduced to what is barely enough to enable him to bring up a family, or to continue the race of laborers.”. This negative view on workers and the role they play in society shows how unsustainable a capitalistic economy is. Another negative is the exploitation of workers, especially children. Capitalism does not give any protection to workers, and does not even condemn the beating of them. The workers are the driving force in the manufacturing business, and their oppression will eventually lead to downfall of the economy.

Another underlying problem of capitalism is the the mentality “you’re stuck where you are”. If a baby is born to a businessman, he will get educated and most likely become successful. If a baby is born to a wealthy landowner, he will be able to live off his family fortune without any work. On the other hand, if a baby is born to a laborer, there is no chance for the child to learn because as soon as they can understand how to operate machinery they are employed at the factory. Because of the inequality of the different classes, society cannot rise…

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