Karl Marx and Capitalism Essay

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Karl Marx and Capitalism
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In this essay, I argue that Karl Marx’s explanation of capitalism should compel the average person to action and change. First, I explain Marx’s idea of capitalism and how it hinders the average person. Second, I discuss how Marx argues for consciousness, criticism, anti-alienation, and anti-exploitation. Third, I provide and answer possible counter examples for Marx’s ideas on communism and capitalism. Finally, I address some of the ways that Marx might respond to my observations and objections. Capitalism is defined by Marx as a socio-economic system based especially on private ownership of the means of production and the exploitation of the labor force. (Felluga)
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“Exchange values” are when two commodities are compared to a third commodity that acts as a universal constant, which in modern day is money. Capitalism compares all commodities to their value in money. Money has no base in reality; rather money is the equivalent amount of labor is takes to create a commodity. (Felluga) Marx therefore reasons “As exchange-values, all commodities are merely definite quantities of

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