Karl Marx, Philosopher, Economist And German Political Activist

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In this essay we have decided to speak about Karl Marx, philosopher, economist and German political activist. We will speak about his ideas and his development of a philosophy based on the class struggle.
Karl Marx is known to be the father of communism, and had a significant involvement with his theory in the establishment of communist political regimes. He is one of the most famous thinkers of the 20th century. He developed over time a revolutionary theory in order to understand the world in order to change and transform it. He had a very big contribution in sociology.
In this work we will speak about his life, his ideas and we will try to know why he was so important and how he wanted to change the society in order to improve the quality
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We can also say that Marx had a modern vision of his society and that’s why he was not understood and listen all along his life.
One of the most famous theories of Marx is the theory of alienation. For him, the society lived in a world where the work has made the man not like a human but more like a “marionette” obligated to work to survive. For him, the society is obligated to work to survive and the alienation is caused by capitalism. In his opinion, the man works not because he loves his job but because he is obligated because of the economy. For him, we “sell ourselves” to survive. In the theory of the alienation the principal idea is that we are dispossessed from our human nature and we act like machine. The alienation can be defined life the lost of our nature to benefit another person or to benefit a society for example.
Marx explained his opinion of this theory in “The economic and Philosophic manuscripts of 1844”.
One of the most important notions that Marx wanted to show was the notion of the class
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He was born in the 27th of August 1770 and he died the 14 November 1831. His work is very famous and had a big influence on the contemporary philosophy and on German idealism. If I decided to speak about him, it’s because his philosophy will act like a base for the theories of Marx about the evolution of society and humanity. The relation between the thoughts of Marx and the philosophy of Hegel were a big subject of discussion. To understand better I will explain in some words, the philosophy of Hegel. The first thing to know is that his philosophy is very difficult to understand so it had lots of different interpretations.
To be clear, I would say that the Hegelian thought is the knowledge and the comprehension of the history, and in general it’s a thought which wants to unite the opposites by the way of the philosophy to give an equality between those two. We can say so that’s it is quite similar to the Marx’s thoughts, who remember it ,thought that the workers will have the power of the society and will give an equality between everyone. We can find on his thought an idea to unite opposites.
During his life, Marx tried with the help of Engels to reinterpreted the ideas and the philosophy of

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