Capitalism By Karl Marx

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I feel particularly ashamed that I wasn 't able to read the book of Karl Marx “Capital” ( 1 st edition, 1867) until now. In 2018 it will be the Birthday of the 200 years of Karl Marx, and I feel the obligation to read Capital before.
The book is a classic of economic science, written from the standpoint of the labor theory of value.

Through this book we discover the idea of the fundamental materialism of Marx.
The work of Karl Marx is the culmination of classical political economy, he had a global impact on the course of history in the XX century.
Some consider his work to be epic and titanic, and some treat him to be a liar, as he proclaimed the victory of socialism but leads a capitalistic way of life himself.
It 's known, that Capital is the most important and famous works of K Marx , and, in my opinion, is a part of the revolutionary theories. Marx give the distinction for the Socialism and Communism and their priority over the capitalism, through applying the classical model of the “Hegelian dialectic “ ( and transforming it into this own form of the “ Dialectical materialism”. Where he apply the notion of the “thesis and anto thesis” and put in question the structure and development of the capitalist economy. Through our history, we can the real proof of an existence of those theories ' adaptation (Marx,
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Though he predicted the destruction of the capitalism by the social movements, there is no project of communism in the Capital (as it claimed by the former soviet scientists) . Accordingly to them, the Soviet Union was not built according to Marx 's idea, because Marx had the unfinished project of communism, he only gave a definition of what can be called Communism, in contrary,he never gave the detailed design of its construction. Lenin, just found suitable ideas into his theory and used a hybrid form of Marxist

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