Karenslope Case Study

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Small businesses would greatly benefit Karenslope for a plethora of reasons, more so than any other idea presented at the town hall meeting. All other options either harm Karenslope in some way or another, or do nothing to make it better. Small businesses are locally run, provide jobs, and do very little environmental damage.
While clear-cutting around Karenslope would result in many jobs and economic benefits, the nature and biodiversity around Karenslope would be devastated to a point past return. For that reason alone MacMillan-Bloedel should not have access to Karenslope’s woods. Firstly, clear-cutting has many negative side-effects to the environment, such as loss of habitat for many woodland creatures as well as the death of many marine
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Lots of people as well as many restaurants and services results in tons upon tons of waste, which has to go somewhere. With many hotels being built around the park, large areas of forest will have to be cut down. Along with increased tourism comes more businesses being built in Karenslope as attention is given to the area. With more people travelling to Karenslope by plane and car, CO2 emissions will go up as well. For example, the emissions for one person flying from London to Orlando to visit the Disney Park there are 1.96 tons of carbon dioxide. This doesn’t seem like much until you consider the fact that over 20 million people visit the Orlando Disney Park per year. That’s 40 million tons of carbon dioxide. Ultimately no matter how eco-friendly the park tries to be, it can never benefit the environment and Karenslope more than it does damage to …show more content…
For example, they claim that “Whites” should stay away from “their lands” unless invited. This shows that they really don’t understand what small businesses mean for Karenslope. The creation of small businesses will have no effect on their “Mother” (earth) and will create jobs for their people, not take away jobs. Their statement is also fairly prejudiced, as it discriminates against people not of their ethnicity. They have old, outdated ways of thinking as they believe that Karenslope and its surrounding areas are “Indian country” and should not be shared with the “whites” that are “powerful in the south”. While I understand the past hardships their people have had to endure, Karenslope is not part of their reservation. Even if it were, small businesses do no damage whatsoever to their way of life and culture. This reasoning is not relevant to today’s society and should have no bearing on whether small businesses should be created in

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