Kantian Ethics : Kant 's Philosophy Essay

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In my paper I will be discussing that Kantian Ethics can make decide to do the wrong thing sometimes because of Kant’s maxims, his view on good will and also and also will be discussing the FEI and treating humanity merely as a means, also will be discussing his views on reason vs. desire. With these reasons come objections can refute his belief by stating good points, this objection is the murderer at the door. Even though there are objection to Kantian ethics I will respond to these objections in such a way that Kant would respond to anyone with these objections. Therefore because of Kant’s maxims, his views on good will and also using his ideas on using a person merely as means and also the FEI and his views on reason vs. desire.

In Kantian ethics he talks about the use of maxims and how one should or can make their decision. I will be discussing his beliefs on maxims and then will discuss his views on good will. A maxim is the way in which a person sees him or herself acting. Also a maxim shows how a person would intentionally or make a decision on the way that he or she acts. Kant tells us that whenever we act intentionally we do this and by doing this we should always look at how much misery and happiness the situation will bring to you or someone else and when doing this you should always pick the option with increased happiness according to Kant.

Another one of Kant’s Idea’s is that of goodwill and how it is good without limitation. Kant says that…

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