Kant 's Critique Of Kant Essay

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For this assignment I intend to answer the question: Consider Schiller’s critique of Kant: ‘Gladly I serve my friends, but alas I do it with pleasure./ Hence I am plagued with doubt that I am not a virtuous person. / To this the answer is given: / Surely, your only resource is to try to despise them entirely, / And then with aversion do what your duty enjoins you.’ What is the target of Schiller’s epigram? Is it a fair criticism of Kant? To answer this, I will be breaking down this essay to try and grasp what Schiller is really saying about Kant, and thinking about his ‘Moral Philosophy’.

What is Moral Philosophy?
“It is impossible to think of anything in the world, or indeed even beyond it, that could be considered good without limitation, expect a good will.” This initial statement, I feel, gives us an insight into what Moral Philosophy is. The definition of Moral Philosophy is ethics, and it looks at ethics in a deeper understanding. Kant proposes that there is four supreme principles of morality which are:
1. The notion of the good will
2. The definition of good will = doing something out of duty
3. What is duty? Respect for the Law and finally,
4. What is the moral law?
These ‘Supreme Principles’, are something that I believe we need to help us consider what is required when there is someone in need? However, I propose that because it is ethically correct to help people, because we take into mind the conditions in which we are helping the person in question. If…

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