Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults Essay

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percent increase in juveniles arrested for robbery. This included 90 percent of boys that were under the age of 16 (Hope #). This increase of arrests also correlates to an increased number of juveniles that are waived into the adult court system. Every year around 200,000 juveniles are sent directly into adults prisons (Hudson, Juveniles should not be treated as adults #). As these numbers of arrests increase in different states, states continually add more criminal offences that can be waived into the adult system (Hudson, Juveniles should not be treated as adults #). According to the campaign for youth justice in 2007, there are 7500 youths that are being permitted into adult jails at any day (Locked up: Should teens be tried as adults?). The juvenile systems that are under each state 's jurisdiction can no longer accommodate the enlarged population of young criminals that they are being forced to process. The growing number of juveniles being arrested has forced states to make changes to their laws that pertain to waivers to the adult system. These include Wisconsin, in which a ten year old, if charged with murder, can be sent to an adult court. In New York and North Carolina all sixteen and seventeen year olds are treated as adults. Furthermore, in California, prosecutors can decide to charge a fourteen year old as an adult if they are charged with murder or a violent offence. Also, in Alaska and Washington any child, no matter the age, can be charged as an…

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