Essay on Juvenile Transfer Laws : A Case

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Juvenile Transfer Laws Alonza Thomas was a 15 year old teenager with no prior convictions or a record. He decided to run away from home and found himself staying with someone he thought he could trust. Unfortunately, the man he was staying with demanded that Thomas was to rob a gas station to pay him back in return for staying in his house and eating his food. The man supplied Thomas with a loaded gun to rob a gas station. Fearing for his safety Thomas tried to rob the store. Having no experience in crime or robbery, Thomas first attempt was botched. While in the process of the robbery, the gun accidently went off scaring Thomas and he decided to flee with no spoils from the botched robbery. Before he could leave, he was attacked and beaten by the clerk on duty while the police was called. Thomas was arrested and detained for robbery. His case was the first case transferred to adult court. He pled guilty to one count of robbery and was sentenced to 13 years in an adult facility. Field’s (1998) “found the following beginning in the late 1800’s the juvenile court reform movement removed children from the adult criminal justice and corrections systems, provided them with individualized treatment in a separate system, and substituted a scientific and preventative alternative to the criminal law 's punitive policies. Under the guise of parens patriae, the juvenile court emphasized treatment, supervision, and control rather than punishment.” As…

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