Juvenile System And Juvenile Justice System Essay

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For many years California has had an issue involving the youth authority as well as juvenile system. Not to mention, our juvenile wards have not decrease, on the other hand they have increased. We as a state should try and look around, and observe other state juvenile system’s. In other word, Missouri’s juvenile system has been successful these past few years. Also their juvenile wards’ numbers have decreased throughout time. California should try the system that Missouri has established to help their juvenile wards as well as decrease the number of juveniles that go back into the system.

On the ABC News has page on the Missouri juvenile justice system. The Missouri system is different because they have dorms and people who can provide counseling to the ward. They try and get these kids through therapy versus incarcerating the wards and letting them do their time. They not only provide therapy for a one on one, but also have counseling for groups. In other words if wards are having difficulties amongst one another, staff will call a group meeting to resolve the issue. The staff member as well as the wards explain the difficulty that one or many wards have, and try to accommodate everyone 's needs to the best of their ability. There was a juvenile ward with the name of Chris, Chris explained how different it was there. Not only did he think it was different but he also believes the staff on duty are a good help, and they are leading him through the correct way.…

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