Juvenile Offenders And The Adult Criminal Justice System Essay

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The growing number of juveniles being charged in the adult criminal justice system is rising. Youth are serving time in adult facilities for committing violent crimes committed while in their youth. This is a form of punitive punishment and deviates from rehabilitation. The Juvenile courts were established to protect youth from the adult criminal justice system. Also, the Juvenile court programs that are geared toward rehabilitating juvenile delinquency is affordable (Pearson, 2004). However through the many types transfer waivers violent juvenile offenders are handed over to the criminal court system. Youth are then forced to serve sentences in adult facilities where they are at risk for a number of things. According to Loughran, (2010) youth are also at nearly three times the risk of recidivism than adults residing in adult prisons. The maturity levels among adults and children differs widely thus the psychosocial factors of each juvenile’s circumstances is vital in the prosecution of any youth trial (Bryan-Hancock & Casey, 2010).Charging youth as adults increase the risk of recidivism, expose youth to increased risks in adult prisons, and does not rehabilitate the juvenile delinquent. Jordan and Myers felt there was lack of research done in evaluating juvenile waiver’s to adult court as an effective form of deterrence for youth delinquency.
Increasing Recidivism Rate The juvenile justice system was developed with rehabilitation in mind, not punishment,…

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