Justinian And The Bubonic Plague: Causes Of The Pandemics

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would leave everything to the empire, and some had even accused Justinian of committing murder in order to get the funds necessary to fuel his dream (Cassel, 2007). Using these rather slippery ways of getting the money, Justinian began to gain enemies, and it wouldn’t be soon after that a rebellion would threaten his reign over the empire (Brooks, 2009).

With such behavior, it didn’t take long for the empire to retaliate, causing the Nika Revolt on January 13th, 532 AD. The whole city of Constantinople rose up and tried to upheave the Byzantine government. As Justinian was forced into his palace by the rioter, they began to plan their military coup, going as far as deciding on a new emperor. In that time Justinian had made the decision
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As described by the historian Thomas Martin, “This one was truly terrifying. 25 to 50% of the population, at least in urban areas like Constantinople, was killed. Ten people, five of them are gone. Think of that. What that would mean in life if half of the people you know today were dead tomorrow (Cassel, 2007).” Justinian’s plague would affect more than half of Europe, including the emperor himself. Symptoms included the victim 's suffering from delusions, nightmares, fevers, and swellings in the groin, armpits, and behind their ears. The lucky sufferers fell into comas. The victims that didn’t fall into comas however became severely delusional and often suffered for days before death. However other more lucky victims died almost immediately after the beginning of symptoms. Many people in Justinian’s empire laid the blame for the outbreak on the emperor, declaring him to be a devil or that the emperor himself was being punished at the hands of God for his wrongdoings. When wall was said and done, at least 50 million people were taken out of Constantinople due to the Plague of Justinian (Horgan, 2014).

After Justinian’s death in 565 AD, the future of Europe went from bleak to pitch black. As soon as Justinian died, the Byzantine Empire had realised that they simply could not fund the land it
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Many things were very interesting and I can honestly say I enjoyed researching this topic. However, despite all the things I learned, there are more things I wish to learn more about. I probably could have written at least a 20 page paper on this topic alone if I had covered every aspect of the Dark Ages themselves. To be completely honest, I could have easily just written this on the fall of Rome itself and the many factors that contributed to it. That is something I would have liked to dig deeper into, the causes of the fall and the events leading up to it. Another thing I wish I could’ve looked deeper into was the Plague of Justinian. I had no idea the Black Plague was technically split into three parts and I would like to see more about the symptoms and how they went about treating

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