Justification And Justification By Faith Essay

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Justification by faith produces the ultimate reconciliation between an infinite God and finite man. Nevertheless, a justification without reassurance could convey the idea of a time or action limited outcome. Without a guarantee that the announcement of being declared innocent could not be revoked, creates a situation that may strain the believers’ actual faith. Fortunately, Paul confirms that God’s act is not only fully satisfying it is also without bounds. Paul has previously established that all are under sin and all equally under the penalty of sin (Rom. 3:23). Paul has also recognized that Christ’s sacrifice covers all who fall under that coverage of salvation (Rom. 3:24-25). Justification by faith grants peace and a rejoicing in the confidence of one day sharing in the glory of God (Rom. 5:1-2). He portrays a guaranteed resolution or confidence and a sure hope that is certain of fulfilment because of the guarantee of realization in the gift of the Holy Spirit already fills the heart of those who love God. This was the same confidence that Abraham had with his promise to father a great nation that would bless the entire world (Rom. 4:17-21). He exhorts the believer to rejoice for they have the full assurance of their salvation (Rom. 12:12). This assurance is further supported by the fact that Christ was raised from the dead and shows that. The believer is released from law as a means to salvation and no longer under its condemnation.
When evaluating to the Law,…

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