Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson Essay

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Bryan Stevenson, an established lawyer with a degree from Harvard Law School and an author of his own personal memoir titled Just Mercy, constantly battles the problems within the criminal justice system. In Stevenson’s memoir, he makes multiple arguments about the unfairness and the need for change within the criminal justice system. One such argument is that of individuals with mental health problems not being properly diagnosed during their trials, therefore receiving lengthy prison sentences such as life in prison. In order to convey his message about the neglect of the mentally ill in American prisons, Stevenson uses numbers, as well as stories that pull at the heartstrings of his readers. Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson’s memoir was written to shed light on the current problems within the American criminal justice system. With the audience being informed, Stevenson, the author, can then persuade the audience to call about change. Stevenson’s background as a lawyer with a degree from a prestigious school, allows him to easily persuade the audience and inform them of the topic at hand. As Stevenson speaks of the flaws in the criminal justice system, such as mentally ill patients of poor and minority upbringings being imprisoned for life, he is able to be trusted due to his background as a lawyer whose work centers on challenging the bias of poor and minorities within the criminal justice system. Stevenson’s memoir could not arise at a better time, due to more individuals…

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