Essay about Just Mercy By Bryan Stevenson

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One of the examples of mental illness used in Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson was the case of Herbert Richardson. Herbert had a girlfriend; he tried to date and wanted to marry her someday. She resisted at first because he was suffering from the side effects of the Vietnam War. Herbert became overly obsessive over her in the relationship. She tried to break up with him. Instead, Herbert moved closer to her home in Dothan. It got to the point where she would refuse to talk to him or even go near him. Puzzled by this Herbert came up with an idea to win back his girlfriend. He would construct a minuscule bomb and place it on her porch. He would suddenly rush to her safety when the bomb would detonate. He would be her hero, so he thought. Rather, his plan took a horrible turn when the ten year old niece and her twelve year old friend pick up the bag with a clock on it. She shook the bag to see if it would make the clock tick. Consequently, it erupted violently, killing both of the children. The police arrested Herbert relatively quickly after finding bomb making equipment in his car. Overlooked at the trial was Herbert’s trauma from the Vietnam War, his background, or his obsession over his girlfriend. As a result, on August 18th at 12:01 a.m., Herbert was killed by electrocution. In my opinion Herbert should have not gotten the death penalty under the circumstances that he was mentally insane at the time of the murder. Also, Bryan Stevenson proclaims that above all he had the…

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