Just Lather That 's All By Hernando Tellez Essay

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Just Lather That’s All is a short story written by Hernando Tellez, the story is told with a tilted point of view and through the eyes of one of the main characters named Barber. Many conflicts throughout the story between the two main characters and Tellez uses more imagery and symbolism to communicate to his readers that give you the feeling and the work between Barber and Captain Torres. Hernando Tellez describes Captain Torres, the shaving cream and razor blade using imagery and symbolism to paint a scene in the reader’s head. With Tellez using a different tone for actions when describing Captain Torres at the very beginning of the story, “He said nothing when he entered” (page 1, Line 1). When Captain Torres walks into the room, the atmosphere completely changes and everything becomes silent. Tellez also gives his readers a rough image of Captain Torres describing him with “a four day beard” (page 1, Line 8). The story is still being told through Barber’s eyes to see how frightening and cruel Captain Torres can be and it’s a scary tone he is given off. Barber begins to sharpen his best razor as he watches Torres take off all of his belongings, Barber is wondering why is this man in his shop asking to get a shave. Captain Torres turns to Barber and says “it’s hot as hell. Give me a shave.” The shaving cream represents some sort of security blanket for the barber and a barrier between the both of them. Captain Torres gets in the chair and Barber prepares the soap and…

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