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Jury Nullification Paper
University of Phoenix Theresa Weekly December 5, 2010

Jury nullification is the act of a jury in exonerating a defendant, even though they are truly guilty of violating the law. When this happens, the defendant is found innocent, even though without an act of jury nullification they would have been found guilty. Normally, jury nullification is carried out by a jury that disagrees with a law; this is a way of indicating their disagreement with the law, and their choice not to penalize the person who broke that law. Jury nullification is a
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The jury that was selected for him was predominately Black. At the end of the case, he was acquitted of any murder charges. Since the jurors were of the same race as Simpson, many see the verdict as a prime example of race based jury nullification. There additional examples throughout history. Another case of race-based jury nullification exists in a trial where a Black man was charged with murder. He was assigned an all Black jury and he was eventually cleared of any conviction. Once the case was over, an anonymous juror sent a letter to the court stating that even though the majority of the jurors believed he was guilty, they changed their verdicts to accommodate the holdouts who "didn't want to send any more young black men to jail." (adirondackdailyenterprise.com). this is most likely the primary goal behind race-based jury nullification. Even if some of the people accused of crimes are guilty, there are members of the community that do not want to see any more of their own kind locked up. At this point, ethics, morals, and values are no longer factors. It is all about loyalty and staying true to your own kind. Choose a Position It is difficult to state whether a person should go for or against race-based jury nullification. Where it seems as though this process could be a good idea to some, it could end up being a very large mistake to others. Many critics believe that

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