Jury Nullification And The Jury Essay

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Jury Nullification To condemn a person for an act that he or she did that broke the law is hard to decide. The jury is there to assist so the decision of the case does not depend solely on the judge. A jury consists of usually twelve people. They are there to come up with a verdict based on the evidence presented to them at court. To be part of such an important body comes with responsibilities and rights. One in question, is the right to nullify a law. Jury nullification is when the jury knows that the person is guilty but rejects the evidence as well as refuses to apply the law because either the juror wants to send a message about a social issue that is larger than the case itself or because the results stated by the law is opposing to the jury’s sense of justice, morality, or fairness (Black’s Law Dictionary). With this in mind, defense lawyers should be allowed to argue to the jury that the jurors should nullify the law by declaring the defendant not guilty even if the prosecution has proven the defendant committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Some jurors will recognize this power while others will think that they must abide by the law. Some of the issues concerning jury nullification is that by informing the jurors about their right to nullify, this may lead to jury anarchy. Therefore, causing disorder and chaos within the criminal justice system and allowing jurors to follow their own feelings. Another concern is that jury nullification will increase the…

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