Junk Food And Its Effects On America Essay

1847 Words May 3rd, 2015 8 Pages
How many times per day do Americans visit a drive through, yet complain about their weight gain? Each year countless Americans are resorting to unhealthy fast and junk food choices when their eating lifestyle is concerned. Repeatedly junk food is approved as an appropriate meal whether eating for one person or an entire family. What is junk food exactly? The term junk food ranges in products, and can be a multitude of items from a Mini-Snickers to a Big Mac Meal. Junk food is temptation at every corner. Junk food is a convenient decision whether you are watching a football game eating nachos and a hot dog, or grabbing breakfast on the way to work. Many Americans ignore that junk food consumption is attached with numerous side effects including health risks, community difficulties, and limited family time. Is there an issue with this you ask? The problem is that many do not consider that obesity rates have reached all-time highs among Americans. Over the past decade several studies have been performed to conclude if policies should be implemented to improve this epidemic. There are several options to be considered, but a truly promising choice is to raise taxes on unhealthy foods, while decreasing the taxes on healthy options.
After working a twelve hour shift no one feels like standing over a hot stove, so instead individuals snag fast food because of its connivance. The next day when obesity is brought up at work, the same person disregards the discussion. Truth I however,…

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