Negative Influences On Fast Food

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“Fast food” was officially defined in 1951 by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It defined fast food as, “food that can be prepared and served quickly – with little consideration given to quality... (Merriam-Webster)”. Apparently even before “fast food’ got its’ reputation - it was already deemed to be unhealthy. Fast foods have been blamed for every major illness from obesity to atherosclerosis. It’s been highlighted in lawsuits, medical journals and documentaries. It’s been researched by doctors, nutritionist and physical fitness experts. Each having definitive opinions about fast foods and it’s un healthy influence on America.
I believe that ‘fast food’ is guilty of only one thing, and that is of being a ‘convenience’ to the consumer. Historically,
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Many installed playgrounds for the kids and sponsored local youth sports activities. Many offered employment opportunities to the young and non-skilled. Many offered scholarships and the opportunities for advancement to management and/or franchise owner. And today, many of them are sponsoring the Olympics at Rio De Janeiro.
But the bad press continues to prevail. The documentary ‘Supersize Me’, main purpose was to shock the American public into believing the unhealthy side effects, like obesity and clogged arteries, were the results of consuming fast foods. But all it did was demonstrate that the lack of nutritional knowledge concerning the foods that you consume will lead to obesity and clogged
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In Kendell’s essay, she mentions an article that she read about stating that “the lack of fresh foods [within a neighborhood] creates a vicious cycle; children grow up never seeing or acquiring a taste for [fresh foods] (Kendall).” That “it could be a reason that the poor are likelier to be obese than the rich (Kendall)”. She called the neighborhoods, that ‘lacked any access to healthy fresh foods as ‘food deserts’

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