Essay on Julius Caesar : The First Dictator For Life

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Julius Caesar was the first dictator for life and had shaped Rome for ever. Julius Caesar was born on either 12th or 13th of July in 100 BC in Rome to a well known but awfully poor family. Caesar’s life started at 16 when his father, Gaius, died, as a result Julius grew closer to his mother Aurelia. Julius at a young age had an ambition for politics and the idea of becoming apart of the Roman political system grew because of unstable order among the republicans. Caesar took a great step forward towards politics when he married Cornelia a daughter of Sulla a powerful man and dictator in Rome, Sulla had no part in the marriage and forced Caesar to leave or risk losing his property, Julius didn’t back down. Sulla was enraged and chased after Caesar who took refuge in the Roman army. Caesar was apart of two campaigns in Asia and in Cecilia before returning to Rome upon hearing of Sulla’s death. Julius’ ambition of becoming a politician had now been realised when he began his career as a prosecuting advocate.

Caesar then left Rome and temporarily stayed in Rhodes to study Philosophy. His time in Rhodes was cut short when he was captured by vicious pirates, his stay with the pirates was short when Julius started to bargain with them, convincing the pirates to lift his ransom, the pirates agreed because anyone during the time could pay for their release no matter what they bribed their captors with, in Caesar’s case it was money. The pirates set him free with a bounty of money…

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