Julius Caesar : A Great Leader Essay

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“I came, I saw, I conquered” (Julius Caesar).The sheer strength of a unified Rome and concurring land far east as the Asian Minor and as far south as Egypt, is the definition of power. Caesar was a conqueror ready to ally himself with his enemies and was ready to sacrifice anything for land and power. He was chased by Sullan out of Rome, but came back a Warrior and a Leader. He showed integrity and courage stated by Campbell’s Great Leaders Grow Deep Roots, with the actions he demonstrated on the battlefield and with his people. Caesar was a great leader with the experience of his life and choices he made to reach a greatness higher than anybody else.
Julius Caesar was born in a time when social, economic, and moral problems were happening to the Roman Republic. He saw the incapacity of the senate and used that flaw to start his own supreme political and military power. At age 16, Julius married Cornelia, the daughter of a noble, but his marriage caught the eye of the Roman dictator, Sulla. He demanded they divorce, and if not Julius would lose his land. He refused and found safety in the military. Serving in the province of Asia, Julius returned to Rome following the death of Sulla. At this time, Caesar was acquainted with Pompey (a former general of Sulla) and Crassus a distinguished general. Out of the specific problems of two of Romans great men and the general ambition of the third grew the political alliance known as the First Triumvirate ("Gaius…

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