Julia Alvarez 's The Time Of The Butterflies Essay

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In Julia Alvarez’s In the Time of the Butterflies four sisters join an underground resistance group against the cruel dictator of the Dominican Republic, Rafael Trujillo. The plight faced by all Dominicans at the time was a disgrace to human rights. Many lived in poverty due to the dictatorship that controlled the country. Those who spoke out against the totalitarian regime disappeared and were usually never seen again. It was very brave for anyone to stand up to the government for what was right and risk imprisonment and even death. One of the sisters, Minerva, was not afraid of the consequences for doing what she believed was right. Her fearless and outspoken demeanor is what led to the increased following and support. Her involvement with the resistance was key, she inspired many people across the nation to support the Fourteenth of June, including two of her sisters. Minerva’s bravery allows her to carry on and survive in tough situations like she did in the horrible prison that was La Victoria. Her personality riled up courage in her fellow Dominicans and gave her the foresight to see what had to be done to free the Dominican Republic from its predicament. Without Minerva’s courage, curiosity, and inspiration, the Dominican resistance might not have had the impact that it did on the Dominican Republic. Fear was the weapon of choice for the brutal dictator Rafael Trujillo, and he used it very effectively. Rumors of horrible prisons and torture were rampant throughout…

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