Juicy Fruit By Christopher Wallace Essay

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I had a great time in MUS 1014 listening to the variety of songs that Peter Mercer-Taylor provided. If there was one song that I wish he could have discussed, it would be “Juicy” by Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Biggie Smalls. The reason was that during the rap unit, Taylor offered a variety of rap songs to us during the 1980s and the new millennium. However, I only recalled him playing only one rap song from the 1990s: Snoop Doggy Dog’s “Serial Killa”. I think it would have been nice if he offered another song during the same decade. To me, “Juicy” would have been a great candidate. Released in 1994 from the album Ready to Die, “Juicy” became a breakthrough hit for Biggie. For production, he sampled the song “Juicy Fruit”, made by Mtume to provide the beats and melody for his work. “Juicy” depicts the comparisons of Biggie’s troubled childhood and his recent fame and success. It creates a sense of positivity and hope; one where developing and honing your talents can get you somewhere in life. Even though many other rap artists have the same messages in their music, Biggie Smalls helped turn his music into special poetry. Along with other New York artists such as Nas, Biggie helped reinvigorate East Coast hip-hop during an era where West Coast and Gangsta Rap, led by Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dog, and Tupac Shakur, dominated the rap industry. One of my favorite parts of the song when listening to it is the intro where Biggie says:
“This album is dedicated…

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