Judaism 's Views On Religion Essays

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Every religion has its history and how it began. Judaism, just like all of the other religions, has a history. Unlike many other religions, Judaism does not have a founder. Their main belief is that God is the one true God and he created everything and gave everyone their own right to choose between good and evil. Unlike other religions, there is nothing you do to convert to Judaism. One must simply live the lifestyle and follow the Jewish Law. The followers of Judaism are also called Jews. Jews are known for being nomadic and of securing a home in the land of Israel. Of course, Jews have had their ups and downs, however, the religion still has a lot of followers to this day. Judaism was the first religion to teach monotheism which is the belief in one God. Many religions focus on analyzing and deciphering the nature of God, however, Judaism focus on the way you live your life and how you practice the religion. God called upon Abraham to be the father of the Jewish people. He was the father of the Hebrews. He would later be known at the Patriarch. He was the one who told the Hebrew people that there was only one God. Before he taught them, they believed in many Gods. At the beginning of the Bible, Adam and Eve did not listen to God and bad things happened to them. In Abraham’s stories, he does what is asked of him. He may try and bargain, but overall, what God says, goes. Abraham was asked to do other things in the past and he and his wife were hesitant to do so because…

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