Joseph Stalin Death Of One Man Is A Tragedy Essay

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Joseph Stalin once said “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.” This quote kind of symbolized what Stalin did when he would keep throwing his own people at the German snot carrying about how many millions of his people would die. Joseph Stalin help his country win World War II, but at a cost of millions of his people dead and his people’s rights were ignored.
Joseph Stalin, originally named Joseph Djuskashvili, was born in 1879 in Georgia, Russia (Mathews, 37). He attended a seminary at the age of fifteen but he was expelled before graduating. After that, he joined the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. He became one of the most radical advocates. Joseph was the fourth and only surviving child. His father,
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They naturally appealed him. Before the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks split, Joseph had gone underground. The police searched his room for him around the end of 1900 but could not find him. Joseph naturally turned Bolshevik.
Joseph Stalin was married to Nadezhda Alliluyeva. She was a student in the Industrial Academy’s textile section. She was 22 years younger than Stalin with dark hair and eyes. They got married when she was at Tsaritsyn while Stalin was the political commissar at the civil war front. In 1929 she had two children, Vasily and Svetlana. His wife didn’t Nadezhda didn’t advertise who she was and she respected the things she could and could not do.
Stalin had two compete against two other people, Lev B. Kamenev and Grigorii V. Zinov’ev, for power after Lenin had died. When both of Stalin’s competition gained an alliance with Trotsky against Stalin, he gained support from the right-wingers. That gave him enough power to remove Trotsky and his allies; both were persecuted and many were expelled. Stalin didn’t gain full control to stand alone as the Soviet Leader until 1929(Matthews
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There are many reasons why he killed people, although there are some people who believe he was mentally ill. Stalin would kill people who were deported, people who wouldn’t do as he said, and German civilians and Prisoners of War were abused by Soviet guards. Stalin believed that the only way of changing society was by being strict and forceful. He planted fear in many people throughout his time. Even though many people think of Hitler as an awful person for killing a mass majority of Jews, Stalin killed almost twice as many of just his own people. He wanted to make Russia his definition of a “perfect society”. Even though Stalin did many things to terrorize his country, he also did positive things. One of the things that he did which stood out the most was the equality of women. Women were now capable of receiving equal education and equal rights in employments. Compared to other countries, equalization of women did not seem right. By doing so, it improved society for the Soviet Union just a

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