Who Is Joseph Stalin A Powerful Dictator

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A powerful dictator named Joseph Stalin established a regime that focused to modernize the Soviet Union and destroy the Nazi hierarchy. Shortly after the death of Vladmir Lenin in December of 1879, Stalin gained control of the Communist Party, by assuming the role of General Secretary. Due to his decision to control the agriculture, famine swept across the land killing millions in its path. The few exceptions were innocents captured and taken to camps. Leader of the Red Army, Stalin led his men into victory over the Nazis during WWII. Brutal is not a strong enough word to describe a man like Joseph Stalin. He was ruthless, evil, torturous, cruel, and took unnecessary measures to increase his power, while millions became casualties because …show more content…
Several sources speak of his inability to continue in school. The main reason was that he couldn 't afford attending the school. He actually challenged the political views of the Tsar Nicholas II. He decided he was not going to come home. He made his home in Toflis, where he dedicated himself to the revolutionary movement. He began tutoring and worked as a clerk in the Observatory. He became a part of the asocial Democratic Part in 1901 and devoted himself full time to the revolutionary movement. He was arrested and sent to Siberia a year later for planning a labor strike during the time of the Russian Revolution. At that time, he became known as "man of steel," which was the Russian meaning of his name. A key part in coordinating several meetings, publishing pamphlets, organizing riots and shows, Stalin excelled in his efforts. Unfortunately that success would come to an end soon. He escaped exile and was labeled a criminal, so he hid and continued planning to gain wealth through robberies, kidnappings, and torturing. Associated with the robbery at the Tiflis bank in 1907, Stalin was responsible for the deaths of over 250,000 innocents and stole around $3.4 million in American dollars

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