Stalin's Rise To Power

All throughout world history there has been power-hungry rulers, trying their best to impose their own unique ways. Most of them using different forms of coming into power such as propaganda, fear, or simply by force. Not all leaders are beneficial to their country, in fact some cause unrepairable damage to the native people. Some very well-known leaders who are infamous for the chaos they caused include Joseph Stalin, Osama Bin-Laden, and Adolf Hitler. Although these men are very corrupt, they had an excessive amount of power and control in their country.
Joseph Stalin was Russia’s dictator in the early 1900s. Stalin had a very rough childhood, growing up poor and abused by his father. Stalin was first introduced to power when Lenin appointed
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Noting that power is the demise of all three of their deaths. Each of them had their own way of coming into power, but the most used tactic would be propaganda and fear. They all wanted to take over the world with their extreme ideas. With some of them almost succeeding, it is insane to think about what the world would be like if their plan actually went according to what they expected. It is good to know that the United States is one of the only capitalist democracies, this system of government gives almost all the power to the people. Such as free trade enterprise, voting, a declaration of independence with amendments and rights for those within the society. Naked power of the affluence is the only power dictating this country. “People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (V for Vendetta). This is directly speaking on how people from all over the country would have all the power if they were not afraid to voice their opinions. When the law no longer has the ability to protect the citizen’s basic rights, chaos is gradually formed, and in that moment one feels the need to take matters into their own hands. Power alone is the most dangerous form of running a country, which is why dictatorships are all ill-advised in today’s world. Power is the highest form of authority and control, when one is in a power position, it can be the most dangerous thing in the world. Power can affect everyone around, and truly puts fear into people’s hearts and minds, someone with ultimate power is unpredictable. Power is needed in order to have a functional society, without any all chaos breaks lose. It seems that our world was afraid of the governments that were made up. So most people stand in silence waiting for change, little do they know, they can make the change themselves. Concluding that power is nothing more than an idea in one’s head.

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