Joseph Parris And Salem Witchcraft Outbreak Essay

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Johnny Veira
Samuel Parris and the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak Salem’s witchcraft outbreaks shaped the reason for the “Witch Hunt” of 1692. These scandalous accusations marked New England as a time in which evil was found within the locals; endangering, provoking fear and blaming women for the practice of witchcraft. Accusations of witchcraft had been part of Colonial America before Salem in 1692, but the intensity in which cases of witchcraft developed throughout Salem, increased the interest for historians, forming many questions. Why did witchcraft accusations and fear increase during this era? The witch hunt of 1692 originated in Salem, Massachusetts, and surrounding villages. Promoting a panic state between the people living in these villages. Puritans populated most of Salem and its surroundings. Puritans were a group of Catholic English Protestants with very strict moral and religious principles. The strict beliefs puritan lived by is key to the witch hunt puzzle. Puritans are very close to and place a lot of importance on the church. God was seen as the awesome Father-God, whose majesty, and righteousness controlled the Universe, therefore anything that happened to puritans occurred for a reason, and if any misfortune occurred it is considered a punishment by God for doing things wrong. Puritan beliefs and witch crafting is revealed throughout the book “The Salem Witch Hunt: A Brief History with Documents.” Puritans from Salem believed that natural…

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