Jordan Abbott Short Story

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Jordan Abbott

My story

Narrative Paragraphs:

Story of my birth:

I was born Jordan David Pring Abbott, february 14th, 2003! I was born at Mcmaster children's hospital in Hamilton, Ontario. I was the first son to my two mothers Kimberley Abbott and Sarah Pring. I was born an valentine's day baby at 11:52 at night. My mother Kimberley took an year off work to take care of me, after the year passed she decided that she would become a stay at home mother.

Childhood Years:

Growing up in Dundas, Ontario I was a busy baby. My parents would spoil me as a young child, but I loved to break things as well. I would drive my toy shopping cart lego towers that my parents would make for me to play with. Playing “dropsee” was one of my favourite things to do, basically I would grab something drop it
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Her parents divorced while my mother was at a young age, Mary Bish remarried to David Bish. My other mother Sarah Pring, was born to her parents Anne and ____ and they divorced and Anne remarried to ____. My sister was adopted at birth. I was born using a sperm bank. That is the extent I know about my family tree without asking my grandparents who are away.

My parents are the best:

My parents are the best, they always drive me places, make me feel happy when i'm sad, and help me with anything ever. If I wanted a ride to my friends house or to sports I can always trust that one of my mothers will be their. If they are not doing things for me they are helping my sister. I struggle with anxiety, I see a therapist and take medication but I always my parents will be their to help me when i'm struggling. I can trust them that they will never say anything behind my bank, and not tell anymore things I don't want them to tell people. They help me with anything ever and if I needed help on a school project I know my mothers will be their to help

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