Jonathan Swift's Life And Style Of Jonathan Swift

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Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland, on Nov. 30, 1667 and died in Dublin on Oct. 19, 1745, and he was buried in St. Patrick 's. His father, Jonathan Swift, Englishman who had settled in Ireland, died before Swift 's birth. His family consisted of his mother, Abigail Erick, no siblings, and his father, also named Jonathan swift, who died 7 months prior to Swift’s birth. His mother left him with his fathers family and she moved back to London. Jonathan Swift’s wife, Esther Johnson, She died in January 1728 and her death moved Swift to write The Death of Mrs. Johnson. Although he grew up without his father, he remained under the care of his uncle. Swift 's uncle, Godwin Swift was a Tipperary official who supported him and helped him get …show more content…
In 1713, Swift formed a literary club. Another fun fact about Swift’s life is that, for about ten years, he gardened, preached, and worked on a house provided by the church after losing his position as secretary. Swift traveled back and forth from England and Ireland multiple times. The primary reason for this shift was to get away from the political corruption happening in Ireland that is reflected through his writing, his tone of voice, and even his style. Jonathan Swift’s life greatly impacted his writing due to the fact that his father passed away, he had a poor family and lived in a time of poverty, he had an interest in politics and government, he was well informed about downfalls in the economy of Ireland, and he worked at the Church of England for a few …show more content…
Gulliver 's interest in languages and customs is the primary reason for his journey. He is good at adapting himself to other cultures. and he takes genuine interest in humans which makes him the perfect narrator for a novel about human nature. In the beginning of the novel, Gulliver was very interested in people, how they acted, how they responded, and why. "My hours of leisure I spent... in observing the manners and dispositions of the people" (Swift 26). However, by the end of the book, Gulliver completely detests all of human nature and cannot even stand the smell of his own family. He went from an open minded guy to a complete shut in by the fourth part of the

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