Essay on Jonathan Swift 's The Death Of Mrs. Johnson

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Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland, on Nov. 30, 1667 and died in Dublin on Oct. 19, 1745, and he was buried in St. Patrick 's. His father, Jonathan Swift, Englishman who had settled in Ireland, died before Swift 's birth. His family consisted of his mother, Abigail Erick, no siblings, and his father, also named Jonathan swift, who died 7 months prior to Swift’s birth. His mother left him with his fathers family and she moved back to London. Jonathan Swift’s wife, Esther Johnson, She died in January 1728 and her death moved Swift to write The Death of Mrs. Johnson. Although he grew up without his father, he remained under the care of his uncle. Swift 's uncle, Godwin Swift was a Tipperary official who supported him and helped him get into Kilkenny School at the age of six. In 1682, Swift enrolled at Trinity College, Dublin, where he received a bachelor’s degree in arts. Swift continued education at Trinity, and almost obtained a master of arts degree, but his uncle 's death and political violence in Ireland in 1688 made him leave Ireland. His first job towards the end of 1689 was secretary to Sir William Temple. Temple proposed that Swift return to Moor Park in 1696 as a literary executor to help him prepare his papers for publication. This led to his involvement and appeal to literature and writing. Most of his writings were published under pseudonyms, or pen names and he is best remembered for his 1728 book Gulliver 's Travels. This ended up being Swift’s greatest…

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