Jon Krakauer 's The Wild Essay

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Jon Krakauer wrote Into the Wild to capture Chris McCandless’s dream of freedom in the wilderness. In his book, Krakauer tells about Chris McCandless and his life of adventure. Believing he was living a dull life, Chris wanted to go out into the word and experience what nature had to offer. Chris McCandless walked into happiness in that he liberated himself from emotionally charged human interaction; he was finally free, and he was able to experience adventure through the wild. Even though he walked in happiness, he was walking away from misery in the fact that he was leaving all of his troubles behind; however Chris was ultimately walking into happiness considering that the wilderness and adventure truly made him happy.
Chris McCandless emancipated himself from the unwanted emotional human interaction. He wasn’t very fond of human familiarity, and being able to evade it made him content. “...relieved that he had again evaded the impending threat of human intimacy, of friendship, and all the emotional baggage that comes with it” (Krakauer 55). Chris did not like the idea of having friends, and even though he made them along the way, he was able to cut ties with them. He was able to become close with a select few of his friends, but he made sure to maintain emotional distance. Chris wasn 't fond of human intimacy as well as friendship; he rather preferred the company of only himself. Therefore, walking into the wild, which consisted of only himself, made Chris happy.…

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