John Wollstonecraft 's ' A Vindication Of The Rights Of Men '

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Some people say that everybody is born with good and others like Wollstonecraft think that humans acquire that virtue through life. In “A vindication of the Rights of Men, in a Letter to the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, occasioned by his Reflection on the Revolution in France” by Wollstonecraft, the path to become a virtuous person is through life experiences. The effects of virtue are demonstrated through three important factors; reason, honesty, and morality.
People achieve virtue through moments and life experiences. Wollstonecraft illustrates virtue through a couple of examples. Wollstonecraft states “There are rights which men inherit at their birth, as rational creatures, who were raised above the brute creation by their improvable faculties; and that, in receiving these, not from their forefathers, but from God.” With that quote she means that you acquire rights from God when you are born but she never talks about receiving virtue. Wollstonecraft also thinks that virtue is a quality in which man have to work through life. She states, “The man has been changed into an artificial monster by the station in which he was born,” meaning that man can be transformed in monsters if they don’t become virtuous persons.

The effects of being a virtuous person are very important. For Wollstonecraft the first one of these effects is reason. Reason is the power of understanding and having thinking. In her letter, Wollstonecraft talks about the importance of education and…

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