John Winthrop's A Model Of Christian Charity

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While in the process of colonizing America, servants signed contracts, or indentures, to gain an entry into America. Although it may have seemed like a good deal, they were unaware of the danger and turmoil that was going to occur. The travel across the Atlantic has been described as torturous, and many of the servants who agreed to come did not get to live to see the New World. For those who survived the journey, it seemed as though there was disease and death surrounding them everywhere they went. There were many different ships which took people to the New World, and the settlers formed a total of three colonies. Those who rode on the Mayflower signed a Mayflower Compact, which simply required those who signed to accept whatever form of government was established after landing in America, in the New England …show more content…
He was a political leader who said that if someone were to receive an opportunity to help someone out, they should take that opportunity. The Europeans helped Native Americans in some ways, which is similar to what John Winthrop desired. There was an exchange of information, ideas, and knowledge throughout this time period. The Europeans worked together in an attempt to reach a common goal, which is what Winthrop told them to do. However, the events that occurred partly conflicted with his idea of charity. Countless Native Americans lost their lives due to war, slaughter, and European diseases. If the Europeans had not come, more Native Americans would have survived; the "charity" they provided killed several. However, society flourished much more quickly after the Native Americans and Europeans joined together with their different knowledge and viewpoints. What happened to the Native Americans may have contrasted with what John Winthrop initially wanted, but the end result worked in the favor of future

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