John Wesleys Ministry Essay

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John Wesley’s ministry did not start when his preaching began, as some might think. No, he was not preaching as a little child, but his father and mother were setting the stage for the man John Wesley would become. His mother especially was a godly woman and she prayed for her children, taught them to read by the reading the Bible, made them memorize scripture, and taught them Latin. All of the children were taught at home. His father was preacher and a very strict one at that. He would insist “that the ‘sinners’ in his parish (church community) publicly confess their sins and outwardly express their regrets by standing barefoot for hours on the church’s stone floor.” As you can tell, John’s father and his mother were very influential …show more content…
More importantly he started to really think about his own faith and how you could have a love for God. This would lead him into a search that would affect the rest of history.
He continue searching as he got his master’s degree, while he was teaching at Lincoln College and after he was an ordained minister. He would think that he found the answers to his questions, but then he would see someone else that had a better Christianity than he did and that would set him to wondering all over again.
One such incident was when he encountered the Moravians. He met them on a ship. He saw the peace that emanated from them and he grew curious. He wanted to know more about them. One day the leader of the Moravians asked him, “Does the Spirit of God bear witness with your spirit that you are a child of God?” John was confused, so the man asked him a different way. In the course of the conversation John was deeply moved to find more about the Moravian faith. He realized that he had not figured out the Moravian holy lifestyle, he wanted to know more about
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That winter was a bad one for John Wesley. He was often down with sickness. One such sickness would end up being the death of him, literally. He soon realized that this would be the end. He made it through that night and on March 2, 1791, as the leaders of the Methodist church gathered around him, he blessed them saying, “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and this heir of glory shall come in!” With those words, John Wesley the leader of the Methodist went to be with his Savior he so faithfully preached about all over the world. His funeral was a quiet secret affair, so as to cut back on the amount of people that would love to attend. You see John Wesley was the spiritual father to many. He had ridden a quarter of a million miles by horseback and he had preached over forty thousand sermons, and best of all offered Christianity to millions of

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