Essay on John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men

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Friendship Friendship is formed in many different ways. Friendship could be something that will make you feel warm inside or could make you feel miserable. In other words, a person could have a good and a bad friend. They are both still under the definition of “friendship” but have a different way in presenting themselves. A good example of friendship could be found in a classic novella named “ Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. It’s about two guys name George and Lennie who go on a journey together to accomplish a dream that they both thought of. However, people believe that George relationship with Lennie is inadequate. On the other hand, I believe that George was a good friend to Lennie because he always finds a way to get Lennie out of trouble, he makes sure he doesn 't get into trouble, and he is always by his side. To begin with, a reason why George is a good friend to Lennie is because he finds ways to get Lennie out of trouble and is always with him. To emphasize my point, in the book it describes how George is telling Lennie on how they escape an angry mob in a town called Weed. Lennie got in a sticky situation by being accused as someone who raped a girl but George came to the rescue. George helped Lennie find a hiding spot where they hid from the angry mob. They then ran away to find some place where they can work in peace (Steinbeck pgs.6-8). As you can see, George could have just left Lennie there to be demolished by the mob but instead he help him get out…

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