John Steinbeck 's Of Mice And Men And Into The Wild By Sean Penn

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The American Dream is an idyllic notion held by the American society that promises happiness and success through a pro-active approach to life. John Steinbeck’s novella, Of Mice and Men and Into the Wild by Sean Penn explore the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment in response to social challenges in their respective periods. Steinbeck emphasizes the unattainability of the American Dream through the elusive search for freedom by the characters. It revolves around the significance of companionship, during the arduous era of the Great Depression and Californian Dustbowl which brought widespread unemployment and suffering. Similarly, Penn’s film also depicts an individual’s quest to escape confronting circumstances but the reaction is against materialism rather than poverty. The film explores the need for relationships as McCanless’ fascination for nature ironically leaves him isolated from humanity. Both texts explore the aspirations of individuals within an unforgiving world, prompting us to re-evaluate the source of happiness.
Of Mice and Men explores the character’s endless search for securityand happiness in a harsh 1930’s world of isolation and financial hardship. The text follows the journey of itinerant workers George and Lennie, contrasting their dream of liberty and self-reliance with social and economic restrictions. It deals with their unrelenting desire to own land, inspired by the ideals of opportunity, equality and prosperity that informed the American…

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