John Of The Nazi And Eugenic Ideals Essay

716 Words Dec 12th, 2016 3 Pages
There are many instances where “good” people fall into the temptation of evil. This can be seen in history, now and most definitely in the future. It is not difficult to influence people into actions or following certain beliefs. Especially when the consequences will directly impact them or their loved ones. It is common to correlate such temptations to youth’s transition into adulthood. However, it is not uncommon in adults as well. Particularly in difficult periods in history. John faces many of these hardships and temptations himself causing him to adapt to the changing environment. Membership in the Nazi and eugenic ideals greatly influenced John Hadler and his most important relationships, leading to a clear decline in character throughout the film, Good. In the beginning of the film John could be classified as a “good” person. In fact, he illustrated the ideal image of an average successful man. He was a talented writer with many innovative ideas. He was a brilliant scholar who led his career as a successful college professor. He was a devoted father who rushed home to his kids every night. He lived with his mother and helped around the house with chores in order to give his sick wife relief and comfort. He had a Jewish best friend whom he shared all his problems with and really had a special connection. Living during the rise of the Nazis brought a lot of challenges upon John. He initially disagreed with their ideals and had absolutely no intention of…

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