Essay John Napier 's The Family Crucible

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Currently, families face a multitude of stresses in their lives. The dynamics of the family has never been as complicated as they are in the world today. Napier’s The Family Crucible provides a critical look at the subtle struggles that shape the structure of the family for better or worse. The Brice family is viewed through the lens of Napier and Whitaker as they work together to help the family to reconcile their relationships and the structure of the family.

Napier provides a crucial exploration of the therapy of a family struggling with battles for the structure of their family and battles to define and grow their relationships with one another. Napier and Whitaker seamlessly and purposely work with each family member, educating and gently prodding them, to explore themselves and explore their actions towards one another. The therapists exhibit excellent control of each interaction and artfully manage the well-worn patterns known to the family. Putting it together, Napier and Whitaker are able to open up the lines of communication and remove the barriers the family created in order to remain in their unhealthy stagnate roles assigned to one another.

The Brice family is referred for family therapy for their daughter Claudia. She was in therapy with a child psychiatrist for her erratic behavior, including, going out all night, running away, and frequent volatile fights with her mother, Carolyn. The first session introduced many themes seen and toiled with in therapy.…

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