John Milton's Influence On British Literature

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Many poets have influenced British literature and the way that people live. Some poets have had more influence than others. John Milton influenced British literature through his passion and dedication to write about, religion and liberty. One of John Milton's most influential works for religion is ¨Paradise Lost¨. Paradise lost tells the story of the fall of man with extra details that Milton added to the story to make it more enthralling. Throughout the English Reformation John Milton refused to submit to the monarchist authorities. One of the way in which he did so was by writing many literature works speaking out against monarchy and supporting a free state where individuals have liberty.
Paradise Lost is an epic poem that John Milton published in 1667. It consist of ten books within it and over ten thousand lines that tell his own story of the fall of man. Milton spent about five years writing and editing this poem. Although he became blind ten years prior to starting Paradise Lost, he had enough passion and dedication to writing literary
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His influence to British literature comes from his passion and dedication to write about religion and liberty. His most influential religious work is Paradise Lost, which tells the story of the fall of man. It also contains details that Milton added to the story to elongate it and to add depth to the story. He was never afraid to speak, and write for what he believed in. While many were leaving England for the American colonies, Milton stayed in hopes of trying to help reform the English government. Bishops were the recipients of a pamphlet war that he started. Milton spoke in support of liberty, and his religious views were widely accredited. Many of his polemical political works still initiate discussions among people today. Milton had a big influence on British literature and still has an influence in various ways

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